Business Value Development - 20 Tips* 2020.

The Business environment is Changing faster than before.The traditional growth models we Learn in Business schools has its own limitations. Business value development is 360 Degree ( Holistic approach) for taking your business on Path of Geometric Growth.

These are few Tips for all Business owners - Managers for 2020.

1. Traditional growth Models focus only on Sales and products for expansion . Start Focus on Business Value .

2. Do a Simple Preliminary Business value Development Analysis for your organization . This can Give you a pathway for Business Value Development.

3. Develop a Value Development Perspective.

4.Check your sales Pitch - Is it still Product / Feature / Discount ,Scheme/ Focused?

Modify it By making it a Value proposition. Add value Conversations.

5. Improve your Cash Flows with Business value proposition.

6.The Average life Cycle of Businesses is reducing from 100 years few decades back to `15/16 yrs now What Focus do You Need to Build into your Plans for Building Your organization?

7.. Have you brought building equity concept in your Organization?

8.. Do not fall into Conventional Debt Driven Growth Practices.

9. Focus on earnings and not on Just profits. Recycle Your Business.

10.. Identify Business value Moves that can reduce your sales and marketing expenses Drastically.

11. Are you Working IN The Business or ON the Business ? Identify the Difference. Create Leadership .

12. Identify Moves That you Need to Take your Business to Next million !

13.. All Small and Big Businesses have Growth life cycle . At What Stage is your Business ?

14. Integrate / Synchronize your Production, Sales, Marketing, Finance into your Holistic business value development Plan.

15. Replace Sales Strategy, marketing Strategy, product Strategy with value Strategy.

16. Have You Done Business Value Development Analysis of your website and Social Media accounts ?

17.. Integrate business value Development Plans with you Digital Marketing Strategy.

18. Perform SEO for Business value strategy.

19. Those who are looking For employment- Placement Have your resume redone with Business value development Perspective and communication strategy.

20. Include Value Conversations in all your Business, Employment meetings.

Contact For a Free Session .

Wish you a Very Happy Business Value Year 2020.

The Author Has Past 30+ Yrs of owning .Managing Diversified Businesses.


Context   (Selling a Service)

Post Covid19, Businesses are witnessing Difficulties. There is need to Look at Your Business with different Perspectives . 

What is this different Perspective?

It is Business value development .

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