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User Dashboard

Your user dashboard is where you can easily access all the features of your close-line membership. Post a new question, view all questions, search questions & answers plus find other members. Your personal news feed displays questions & answers from members you choose to follow. We’ve made close-line easy to navigate, so with a little practice you’ll soon be improving your “closing” lines to boost your sales performance.

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User Dashboard (A closer look)

Action Bar

  • Search box (Can search questions or profiles)
  • Advanced Search options
    • Search Industry, Nationality, Age group or Gender specific questions
  • Home icon (returns to main dashboard screen)
  • Message icon - Direct messages (Message any members)
  • Flag icon - Notifications
  • Person+ icon - Shows followers, following and suggests more people to follow
  • Help icon (Displays help screen)
  • Cog icon
    • My account
    • My history
    • Logout

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Your profile and levels information

  • Profile
    • Your profile shows your username, current selected industry and please upload a professional picture (preferred).
    • Edit/View profile link takes you to a page to manage your profile information
  • Levels
    • close-line levels reward your contribution, when you ask questions, post answers and receive votes you will obtain new levels.
    • Levels are a great way to measure your contribution to the close-line sales community

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Follow box

  • This box suggests people to follow based on industry
  • Easily follow or skip with one click

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New Questions box


  • This box shows new questions that have been recently asked in your industry
  • Easily view, answer or skip with one click

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Ask a Question

    • Click this button "Post a Sales Question"
  • Question popup screen as below


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View All Questions & View my History

  • View all Questions
    • takes you to a page that will list all questions based on your industry
    • If you want to list questions not in your industry use advanced search or alter ego
  • View my History
    • Displays all your questions, answers and level changes

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News Feed

  • The news feed shows live updates based on people you are following.
    • This includes new posted questions and answers
    • and the ability to share a question with your followers
    • It will also show when your answers are voted up

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All Questions (Sidebar)

  • All Questions tab will list all questions based on your industry
    • Tabs "Newest", "Votes", "Unanswered" allow you to sort accordingly
    • If you want to list questions not in your industry use advanced search or alter ego

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Alter Ego (Sidebar Tab)

  • Alter ego allows you to mimic your competitor by changing your:
    • Industry
    • Nationality
    • Gender
    • Age Group
  • Changing these settings will show questions based on your selections.
  • Note: Alter ego settings will not change your normal profile. Simply switch the tab back to "All Questions" to see your industry questions.