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Things to explore How it helps you
Create your unique profile. When you join us we would love to introduce you to people like you. Aligning your profile to your industry will provide you with the most relevant answers to your sales problem.
Upload a profile shot. Smile!! When we connect in a community it's nice to see who's connected to us. So let's see a great photo of you. Helps you express your personality.
View questions To get your bearings how about viewing some of the questions your community has posted. You may find people with the same issues as you.
View questions - The latest Sales moves fast and new problems and ideas come up everyday. That's why we established the "latest" list. It keeps you ahead of the game!
View questions - most voted answers These are the best answers to the most common sales questions in your industry. Providing the best first is always our goal.
View question - unanswered. Questions that have been posted that are still looking for answers. You could be the one to smash out the best answers and be voted to the top. Go for it!
Click on a question you would like to see the answers for. So you have located a question that interests you or that represents a current sales problem you have. Click on the question to discover the most popular, up to date answer and role plays. This will provide you with new scripts and ideas for your next sales challenge.
Answer a question You have two options here, submit a simple answer or provide a role play to show how to control a conversation between yourself and the customer. Remember, always take the time to complete the "why it works" field this is what provides the strength of your answer and assists in the understanding of all members that use your answers. Other members will vote and follow people with winning answers.
Roll play your answer. Role plays draw out the rhythm of the conversation and provide significantly more insight into to how the objection is overcome. Should you want to really offer an in-depth answer why not role play it? Now you are a great contributor to the site and will increase your level status at the same time.
Follow other members. Found someone who seems to understand your sales issues and has great answers. Why not follow them? Their answers are with you all the time. It's like having your personal sales coach with you when you need them the most!
Create the alter Ego You know your industry better than most. How about looking at sales from a different perspective. Create your other profile to expand your horizons or absorb yourself in the industry you would love to be in. Learn all about it and go secure a job in it, armed with heaps of experience from your close-line.com Alter Ego.
Liking the answers that work. (Vote) Voting up the answers that work for you will help bring those answers to the top. Giving some one a pat on the back for a good answers will fell as good as when you get one.

Tips for Questions

  • Always ask a specific question
  • Providing context helps other members understand your question better
  • Good questions often start with Who, What, Where, Why & How

Tips for Answers

  • Be specific – a vague answer or stating that you do not know is unhelpful
  • Always take the time to provide details in the “why it works” field. This is where we learn from
  • Consider a Role-Play – it brings the answer to life and demonstrates how the answer can be structured in conversation

Contacting close-line.com

  • Please check this help page as well as the system updates and In Development sections before contacting us.
  • Should you still need to contact us please use our contact form

System updates

Check here for important system updates and bug fixes.

  • New Organization management system merged with current Dashboard (very easy to use)
  • Managing subscriptions and email notifications is in my account
  • Individuals can delete account
  • Questions can include line breaks now
  • Questions can include punctuation
  • votes bug not showing counts (fixed)
  • advanced search (fixed)
  • Show whos online (new)
  • Voting on mobile (fixed)
  • Passwords able to include a - & special characters
  • Larger input fields when answering a question
  • Voting on questions (removed not used)
  • 4th July: close-line.com V1.0 launched!”

In Development

Your feedback is appreciated please contact us to report any problems or bugs

What are we working on next? Check here often to see what's coming soon

  • Resellers - Interested in selling close-line organizations? Contact us
  • Bug fixes - if you find any please let us know admin@close-line.com