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Who we are

close-line winning conversations everytimeThe close-line team have spent the last 20+ years in sales and sales leadership roles, having witnessed many people forge extraordinary careers and go on to become senior executives and business leaders. Why? Because strong and sustainable skills in the arena of sales is a crucial building block of high performance business people, and organisations will always value that.

Let's be straight, if you decided to get into sales for all the long lunches and a weekly golf game, you're about 2 or 3 decades too late, and you are probably not here for the right reasons. By now, you will have also discovered that 9 to 5 is for everyone else.

Around here, we're admirers of truly great sales people. They're invaluable in today's fast paced business world, striving to convert products & services into money. After all, that's what sales people do, negotiate the exchange of money for the offer they represent.

If only it were that simple...

Great sales people are always in demand, and if you were to study the career path of many outstanding business leaders, you will likely find a period of successful sales hiding in there.

The aim of close-line.com is to provide a good understanding of how great sales people communicate and assist those wanting to build a career in sales, avoiding the common mistakes that cripple a rewarding sales career before they get a chance to thrive.

Sincerely, the close-line team.