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Privacy Policy
We understand the security of your personal information is  important. At close-line.com we collect information you provide including when you sign up and how you use our website, this will involve frequency of use and engagement.

We use this information to provide the best possible most useful site we can by evaluating and improving, conducting surveys and analysis of information. We will also use your information to communicate with you in relation to updated terms and conditions, our services in relation to close-line.com or respond to your queries. We use this to provide a better experience for you.

Our ownership of information
Close-line.com owns all information, text, materials, graphics, software, names, logos and trademarks (if any) on this site and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws unless expressly indicated otherwise. The information gained, learned or taken up is for the purpose of your information exclusively as a part of your membership.

From time to time, close-line may use individual’s questions externally for site promotion. At no time externally will any member be identified with their contribution(s). Organisations will never have content published in any external format without prior written consent by an authorised representative. Answers and private details will never be published externally from close-line.

Privacy complaints
If you feel that close line.com has failed to respect your privacy, you can make a complaint. Please direct your complaint to admin@close-line.com, we will then notify you acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint and the applicable time frame to deal with this. We will try to resolve your complaint in 30 days or notify you of the reasons for the delay.

Change of ownership
If ownership of close line.com was to change we will as required transfer your information to the new owner.