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The Intranet you always wanted...

Perfect for:

Remote teams, work from home users, multi office businesses, franchises and government

"If it happened in your business, it happened on close-line"

Objection Handling Q&A

Create and test the best responses to every business problem. Tag to products, services and industry.

Admins & Users

Your integrated Administrators dashboard provides complete control. Add/Delete users, sites, roles & control content anywhere, anytime.

Secure/Portable Access

Access your winning ideas, files & all your teams posts in one secure place. Anywhere, Anytime & Any device


On the move? Quickly search your teams Q&A, documents & proven strategies. It's fast with the best solution always shown first.

Rewards & Recognition

Built-in gamification creates confidence and ranks your teams content by effectiveness. Discover your organizations top performers and why.

Reports & Leaderboards

Your new real-time reporting engine helps you gain insights into your team's engagement and effectiveness. The ideal learning and onboarding tool for new starters.


Start your now!

Make managing learning and development within your business team engaging. It's your business, your ideas and your obstacles all solved by team inclusion.

Why not take advantage of our free 30 day free trial?

It's obligation free, takes less than 5 minutes to get started. Zero user training or new infrastructure required. Upon completion of 30-day trial Enterprise pricing is $19 AUD/month* per user (excludes GST )


Invite your team members and take control of your sales team today.



So what's in the box? Your close-line.com cloud based platform is professional, easy-to-use and leverages an zero-training-required "social" look and feel.

A suite of powerful features to build your sales team's capability and confidence.

Access anywhere, any device

Optimized for pc, laptop, tablet or mobile, your team is never without an answer, anywhere, anytime.

Fully Customizable

Replicate your real team structure. Add your logo and we'll do the rest. Easily identify users by picture, nationality, site and company position.


Users gain recognition when they contribute, working through levels to become your company's mentor. Build team engagement and review the real-time company leaderboard to see who are the most proficient team members.

Questions & Answers

Build a knowledge-base by exploring your customers Q&A. Crafting the perfect solution across your team. Users vote for solution that really work and the "best voted answer" always appears first. Now you can replicate your top performers quickly. Yes - you can answer as a role play, that's our favourite!

Get Social!

close-line.com has studied popular social platforms for ease of use and user engagement. All your favorite social functions like vote, follow, message, share is all included. Your team's news feed shows what been happening - all on your home dashboard.

Advanced MIMIC feature

Leverage the advanced mimic function: Allow users to alter their search results based on criteria. What are the best posts for a different region, country or even generation? Exclusive to CL Enterprise Edition.

Perfect for coaching

Today's leadership involves team coaching. Engage your team directly with input, feedback and constant improvement - all within your own branded environment.

When things change...

Things change… Products, markets, team members - everything! This is where close-line.com has you covered. Rapidly deploy new products & services across your team with pre-planned scripts, content and collaboration. Everyone can work together on the common goal - all within a single space.

Nervous about starting out...?

That's OK – We've seeded dozens of generic posts to show your team how to get started with best results. Of course, we've added tips for Q&A too!