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Why contribute

"It's every salesperson's nightmare, not knowing what to say right at the critical point of the sale"

That's where we come in...

To truly see our vision, let’s expand this just a little…

Put yourself in the shoes of a 22 year old individual who has just started a sales role in a specialty retail store. Now, imagine being able to search for the best opening line when the next customer walks into the store. We all know “can I help you” is a closed question and 83% of buyers will simply say "no". That’s the end of that opportunity - gone!

Imagine finding the highest performing person in your industry, and having “their” customer welcoming script available in only a matter of minutes. Now add the ability to adjust your searches to mimic that person - immediately. With a little practice, you’ve just become equal to the best sales person. Simple!

Imagine knowing all the answers to your daily sales exam (your job!) in advance.

We want to be the first to demystify the difference between ordinary sales people and extraordinary sales people. We believe we have finally paired today’s technology with yesterday’s face to face sales skills.

Now we can all improve our personal sales performance, and begin to contribute our own great answers too. Individuals will be ranked and rewarded as they learn, contribute and grow therefore making more frequent sales & repeat business too.

Imagine being followed and admired by your peers for being truly great at your chosen profession. What a great conversation to explore at your next interview or annual review.

We all need some help along the way, and the competition are always hungry. By all contributing, we all get the help we need.