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"Your individual membership provides access to thousands of industry problems and solutions."

Seeking knowledge for business and commercial problems and issues for your industry. Get you questions answered and search thousands of topics right here. The most successful ideas, quick and easy. Create questions and answers, vote best responses, mimic your competitor & build your personal professional profile here. Ideal for any business professional seeking to gain personal recognition & reward.




So, what's it all about?

  "It's all about your personal skills as an effective business communicator"

OK, so you've just landed a great job, or maybe you're aspiring to be the high flyer in your current role, or maybe you're seeking some serious recognition to progress to the next big thing? No matter what your individual story happens to be, building your soft skills as a great communicator is more important than ever. Truth is, customers and businesses are better educated today & want more from their dollar. Those that understand their industry issues and can provide insight are becoming more dominant and harder to hire. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd!

We know all this, that's why we created close-line.com. Developed by business leaders, for the purpose improving your soft skills, we understand the challenges of today's professionals & we genuinely want to help.

We've had enough of boring "people" training and learning the hard way through costly lost opportunities? In today's world, there just isn't the time for all that.

Did you know the average tenure in a sales role is about 22 months, so the quicker you're winning business, the more secure you'll become.

We're here to re-define how you learn. We're all about your verbal performance at the customer interface, no matter what role or industry you're in. It's a new look at the old school art of learning and communicating. This seems to have been lost in the tech evolution. Simply put, your tech won't present "YOU", it's what you say to influence your audience that's of supreme importance.

That's what close-line is all about - providing you the best answers to even the toughest business questions so you can "say it"

We're here to help you get serious about your personal brand. Tested and ranked ideas & tips that are personalised to you, plus answers and "close lines" to get you communicating right now.

Your individual membership provides access to thousands of industry problems and solutions.


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