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PRIVACY & TERMS OF USE: close-line.com

Terms & Conditions:

Privacy Policy:

We understand the privacy and security of your personal information is important. At close-line.com, we only collect information you provide to us. Data is only collected as part of your unique authorisation (email and password) and content you use on our public platform.

We use this information to provide the best possible user experience. We will also use your information to communicate with you in relation to updated terms and conditions, our services in relation to close-line.com or respond to your queries. We use this to provide a better experience for you.

Our ownership of information:

Close-line.com owns all information, text, materials, graphics, software, names, logos and trademarks (if any) on this site and is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws unless expressly indicated otherwise. Enterprise Edition information; privately owned logos, trademarks and branding remain the ownership of the Enterprise Edition subscriber.

From time to time, close-line.com reserves the right to use the Public Site content for the purpose of site promotion. Close-line.com will not change, alter, modify or add to your Public Site submission(s). Organisations taking up the Enterprise Edition through a subscription or coupon method will never have content published in any external format without prior written consent by an authorised representative, user submitted/generated content or private details will never be published externally from close-line.com.

Privacy complaints:

If you feel that close-line.com has failed to respect your privacy, you can make a complaint. Please direct your complaint to admin@close-line.com, we will then notify you acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint and the applicable time frame to deal with this. We will try to resolve your complaint in 30 days or notify you of the reasons for the delay. Please direct your complaint to admin@close-line.com

Change of ownership:

If ownership of close-line.com was to change, we will as required transfer your information to the new owner.

Code of conduct:

Close-line.com Public Site provides opportunity for members to contribute ideas, role-play suggestions and other discussion-based content online. While contributing to the Public Site it is important to show respect to others so all members can learn, develop and improve whilst using close-line.com.

Unwelcome content:

While close-line.com encourages freedom of expression and contribution of ideas here are some guidelines of content that is not acceptable.
Content is prohibited if it;

  • Is illegal
  • Encourages or incites violence
  • Threatens, harasses or bullies
  • Is spam
  • Is pornographic in nature
  • Uses offensive language
  • Purposely misleads or deceives another member.

Prohibited Behaviour:

In addition to not providing unwelcome content on close-line.com the following behaviours are also prohibited

  • Asking for votes or engaging in vote manipulation
  • Creating numerous profiles for the purpose of avoiding punishment or potential restrictions.


We will terminate your membership to the Public Site for any persons investigated and found to have breached any prohibited behaviour for unwelcome content or generally at our discretion for any behaviour not aligned with the close-line.com spirit.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability:

The information contained on close-line.com is provided in good faith. close-line.com provides no warranty or representation of success, or reliance on any statements made in the public arena of the Public Site nor do we accept any responsibility for errors, losses or injury arising from relying on any statement or contribution directly provided by the directors or staff of close-line.com or other subscribed members on the Public site. The information provided on the Public Site is general in nature and is to be used as an educational tool.


close-line.com does not use cookies to store any information on your computer.

Enterprise Edition:

Please Note: Public Site Terms and Conditions need to also be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions for the Enterprise Edition

Changes & Customisation:

Close-line.com reserves the right to provide changes enhancements and additional features at its own discretion. Any customisation to your enterprise environment will be defined and provisioned at a cost agreed by both parties. Close-line.com reserves the right to provide these changes/enhancements/improvements to other entities as deemed required or requested or as part of our ‘off the shelf offer’. Any financial gain to close-line.com through these activities remains confidential.

Pricing & Payments:

Close-line pricing is in AUD (Australian Dollars) and excludes GST (10%) Payments are based on subscriptions, where one unique user (individual email address) is at the published price or negotiated price, for the period selected, is deemed as one subscription. (NB: see also Subscription). Once an Enterprise Edition subscription has commenced, payments will roll over automatically to the entity ‘s designated PayPal payment method.

The subscription period (day 1) is deemed to be the day the first subscription payment is made for the subscription period selected (See Subscription). The subscription will automatically rollover (payment) on the first day of the new cycle. Cycles will remain unchanged from the first selected cycle unless manually changed by an authorised administrator(s).

Failure to honour payments at the time of roll over will suspend access to close-line.com until payment has been cleared. All Enterprise Edition administrator(s) have access to create payments. NOTE: All users will have access suspended during a period of non-payment.

Close-line.com does not at any time now or in the future collect or retain any personal financial information including credit card details. Please refer to section PayPal for details around payments.

Refund policy:

We strive to provide our members with the best possible communication platform. If you are not satisfied with our website please contact us immediately at admin@close-line.com. We reserve the right to provide a refund.


Information about payments is collected via PayPal. Any issue with payments via our PayPal payment system will need to be referred to PayPal in your country. For alternative payment methods, please enquire in writing to: admin@close-line.com


Periodically close-line.com will provide special trial offers for promotional purposes by the provision of both publicly and privately issued coupons. Coupons provide a vehicle to allow access to Enterprise Edition for trial periods for a set time (days). This provides exclusive use on our Enterprise Edition product.

Upon issue, coupon codes will always show the number of days the coupon is valid for. This appears at the end of each coupon code. Example: DISC60 would be a 60 day discount. Valid time is defined at the commencement of the first registered user. Where required close-line.com reserves the right to create coupons for single use for Enterprise Edition customers. Published coupon codes are not redeemable or transferable to our enterprise product. Requests for multiple coupons, large subscription requirements, non for profit and specialised requests, close-line.com will provide Enterprise Edition subscription(s) by negotiation.  


Subscription is defined as a user that is registered, using a unique email address for the duration of the paid subscription. Subscription durations are 30 days, 60 Days, 90 days and 360 days. Subscription count is identified using the user’s unique email and password combination that have successfully transitioned the verification. A verified user is deemed an active subscription regardless of whether the user has or has not engaged with the platform.

Close-line.com will not be held responsible for the use of or provisioning, issuing or maintenance of user emails, either within your company domain or any external 3rd party email systems, including web-based email systems. These remain the responsibility of the user(s) of these email services and the assigned close-line.com Administrator(s) access practices.

In the event that subscription is not paid close-line.com will suspend all activity and access to the Enterprise Edition. Access will be granted at the time of reinstating your subscription in accordance with the terms and conditions of use. Should your close-line.com Enterprise Edition need to be suspended beyond a period of time of 90 days, a request in writing to admin@close-line.com will need to be provided by your close-line.com administrator level user. Close-line.com will never sell your data.

User Management:

The close-line.com product allows for either singular or multiple administrators to be assigned to your Enterprise Edition. Administrative functions are universal as all administrators have equal level authorisation. Close-line.com takes no responsibility for users invited or deleted from your exclusive environment. Close-line.com does not have access to your Enterprise Edition environment unless invited by an authorised administrator.

Data Ownership:

Close-line.com owns and maintains the platform software and makes this available to your enterprise under our Enterprise Edition platform. Close-line.com does not own your user provided content, nor have access to your content. The maintenance, management, suitability and usefulness of your Enterprise Edition content remains yours (the customer) for as long as the subscription is paid and valid.

Request for Data:

Any requests for data or specific Enterprise Edition related information must be forwarded in writing by your authorised administrator/s to admin@close-line.com. Our processing of this information request may require access by permission of an authorised administrator/s. A resolution time allocation will be conveyed and be dependent on the specific request. Complex requests or changes may attract a cost, and this will be conveyed at the time of request in writing to the administrator/s.


Your Close-line.com Enterprise Edition environment is yours for use by your Enterprise Edition subscription as a secure environment. All content, images, ideas, comments and user entered data is only visible by users verified by your elected system administrator(s).

Close-line.com takes ever precaution to ensure your data set is secure. All user access information is fully encrypted at the data source and is not visible to even close-line.com. We take your data and its security seriously. We provide platform access to Enterprise Edition solely under the provision that no responsibility or recourse is provided or offered in the event of a malicious system attack. 

Public Site Access:

Close-line.com provides a subscription based social platform referred to as the Public Site, for the discussion of business related topics, close-line.com takes no responsibility for who may access this platform and does not rectify, change, delete or modify post-based content in any form through any input through the public site unless it is in the instance of a breach of our Code of Conduct. Close-line.com monitors the public site digitally and manually to ensure a safe and responsible user experience.

Enterprise Edition:

Close-line.com Enterprise Edition allows access to any email that can be verified by the user and provisioned by the Enterprise Edition administrator/s. Close-line.com takes no responsibility for actions of users or the administrator(s) when accessing the Enterprise Edition.

Recommendations for safe use of Enterprise Edition:

Close-line.com takes your data and user information seriously; it remains our recommendation that administrator(s) of close-line.com Enterprise Edition remain aware of all internal and external users within your close-line.com Enterprise Edition environment.


Email:  admin@close-line.com
Online: Use the form found at https://www.close-line.com/contact-us

Close-line.com is a registered Australian company: ACN: 607 755 475