Which is the best software to manage the sales process along with lead & email marketing process ?


Context   (Selling a Product or Service)

I've tried multiple online softwares like zoho crm and hubspot but didn't get the good results.

Below i explain our process.

We are having 4 guys working with sales.2 junior guys are for lead generation and email management. 2 senior guys are for the client approach and client conversion.This 2 junior guys search leads form different platforms and approach to clients and when they receive client response from meeting or any thing like technical or any project requirement then other 2 senior guys are handling that things.

Now At the each end of month the head of department needs individual report and he wants advance reporting , I mean he can get easy idea of the every sales person's work behavior.

suppose if junior A had searched lead and senior B had converted in final stage then the +1 Goes to Junior A and +1 goes to Senior B so each end of month we need to evaluate How many leads each juniors find and how many projects converted by each senior.

let me know if there is any best way to manage this type of reporting.

suggest if any ?

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