How do you get a prospect to pay attention & show interest in your offerings during your appointment; where you have been invited to present/pitch your offerings, and the prospect is giving you clear signals that he is not impressed, not even a teeny tiny bit. How do you bounce back from such scenarios and how do you avoid landing is such situations in future?


Context   (Selling a Product or Service)

Imagine you are in an appointment with the ultimate decision maker of an active buyer who is in the market to evaluate and buy the services you provide. They are currently in the process of shortlisting top 3 vendors. This is your 1st meeting with the person after rigorous follow-ups over 3-4 weeks & based on this meeting the prospect may or may not choose to pursue with you. You have come prepared with a pitch/presentation along with your colleague and have started your pitch/presentation. However 2 minutes in your pitch/presentation you realize that the prospect is least interested in what you have to say, instead he/she is heavily distracted - he checks his watch/mobile, or looks at his PC screen intermittently, or he seems bored, or is hardly responding, or all his objections are along the lines of 'this is also available with other companies we are in touch with & at a cheaper rate'. What has gone wrong in your approach & what do you do to win the interest back.

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