Hello every one . I got a experience of around 3 years in selling medical device in India. Recently i will be moving to USA i got my visa stamped and i have legal work authorisation. My question is .. Can i get a job in medical device sales field in us, having work experience from India in sales ? Is the sales process is same whether it is India or USA ? Can anyone help me out with , what is the general sales process should one follow to execute the deal ? Thank you , wishing you all Happy new year.


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My main motive to ask this question is whether the sales experience will count in USA,no matter which country you have worked for ?
Secondly want to get an idea what is the general sales process to follow in medical device field to close the deal ? what should be taken care of during the sales calls.
Finally can i get a job or is there any chance to get a job in medical device sales in USA having experience in Indian medical device market field .

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