Can you give an estimate?


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can you give me an estimate for your work. below is the summary of what the app should look like.

Summary: The mobile app “Virtual Office” will simulate a virtual office environment where users can work with their colleagues. Free Version limited to 2 users.
Theme: The app will have 3 standard office themes to choose from they are
• Corporate office
• Beach
• Nature

User Journey:
1. Standard
• User Opens “Virtual Office” application on their mobile
• They can sign up or register for an account;
• Or They can sign in if they have an account;
• Once signed in they can choose from the above 3 templates to simulate a virtual environment.
• Note: The user must connect the VR headset to their Laptop before a Virtual environment is simulated.
• Note: The user should have worn the gloves before the VR environment Is simulated
• The app checks that the VR set is connected to laptop and the gloves are worn, then the button enables to simulate the environment is enabled.
• User clicks on the button and enters the VR environment.
• Inside the VR environment the user can see his/her laptop screen and keypad where he can work in peace.

2. Multiple user
• Once the user is signed in he/she can search for another user and add them as friend.
• The request is sent to the receiver, if he accepts then they both can see each other in their friends list.
• Both the users can choose to connect to the same environment;
• Interaction:
§ Both the users can see each other, listen and hear each other
§ Both the users can see each other’s hand interactions;
App Store: “Virtual Office” Will be available via android and iOS
Hardware: Oculus Rift & HTC vibe;


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