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Understanding the difference between an Individual membership and an Organizational membership is the key to making the right choice for you, and your business. In simple terms, an organizational membership looks and operates just like an Individual membership. The difference is, the only people "participating" are your own sales team. This allows for your team to develop scripts, ideas and strategies that only your team can see – and not your competition! The ideal scenario is to build your sales team an Organizational subscription using your company email addresses whilst simultaneously encourage your sales team to use an Individual memberships (using "non-company" email) for ideas, scripts and strategies. This is the ultimate way to use, as you keep your organizational winning information private, yet have the benefit of interacting with the individual site in an anonymous way for wider industry and market ideas and Q&A

"Imagine your entire team operating just like your top performers."

"It's having all the features of, but just for your organisation. Harness your best performers, replicate, and be the next disrupter in your market place."

Organization information

"We're all about your teams verbal performance at the customer interface"

In today's rapidly changing business world, building and maintaining a great sales team is as costly & difficult as ever. We know all this, that's why we created Developed specifically for sales leaders, we understand the challenges of today's sales leaders & we genuinely want to help.

Professional sales training is expensive, and takes your team away from the job. We've removed all that. Besides, over half the content of sales training is forgotten in 5 weeks, and on average 84% will be lost after 90 days. If we consider that the average time in a sales role is 22 months, the quicker your team become effective "closers" the better for everyone.

Your organizational membership will change all that. Like most sales teams, there are top performers, and everyone else. Ever wondered why the top performers make winning look easy. Your sales team all have the same tools, but the top performers can articulate the offer better.

We're here to re-define how you sell. We're all about your verbal performance at the customer interface. This is the time honoured art of salesmanship. So although tech is great, why do we still leave the customer conversation to chance? Let's take control of the sales conversation now.

We offer organizations the ability to safely create customised Q&A scenarios for the entire sales team.

Imagine capturing the winning words your top performer said this morning, and the rest of the team saying the same thing before midday. What a great way to improve your digital outbound sales too.
No delays, no group training, no conference calls. It's just there.
Top performers will also be rewarded with levels to complete, whilst others can follow the people they really like too.

Your next product launch could be your best ever. Remember, it's your sales tool, private and complete with your best performing sales "close-lines".

Organization Admin Area

You are in control with a secure administration area just for your organization. Upload your company logo to brand your organization, control/invite users, manage payments, manage questions & answers and more.