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Philip Belcher
  Level-2 contributor Industry: Technology
About Me:
Successful leader and consultant passionate about enabling individuals and organisations to achieve superior sales results. +35 years success in sales, sales management, general management, MD, CEO, Company Director (public and private companies) with multi-national, Australasian, SME and NFP organisations. Qualifications include MBA, FAICD, FIML, CMC, Cert Electronics
Career Highlights:
* Mentoring/leading a long list of highly successful people, especially in sales * $100M in personal sales including many awards *$ 4.3Bn in sales of organisations under my management * Engineered successful exit of several companies * Lead the merger of two companies to form the largest specialist Project Management company in Aus. * Start up of various successful businesses
What's Next:
Mission: Via SalesAbility and its Associates, massively (>10x) increase the sales performance of individuals and organisations whilst they maintain the highest ethical standards.
NSW Sydney Area
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