Become a close-line RESELLER

So, you may have already registered as an Individual on and have a good understanding of what close-line offers. You may have also read the information on close-line for Organizations. We recommend you register as an individual and read close-line for Organizations first, as that’s what resellers will be selling!

Welcome to our RESELLER program

Perhaps you’re business or sales consulting firm, or a franchise looking to add value to your outlets. Maybe you’re looking to create your own business. Very soon, will launch our reseller program. This will enable our resellers the ability to sell close-line to Organizations and get paid to do so. Our attractive reseller rates and self-managed platform will provide easy transactions that make selling close-line to your customers quick and easy. You even get to set your price! Interested? Fill in the form and be ahead of the que – our launch is not far away!

Benefits of being a close-line reseller?

  • Sell close-line to your clients
  • Earn ongoing revenue
  • Participate with your clients (opt)
  • Value add opportunity for consultants
  • Keep your clients engaged with your business
  • Set your own pricing
  • Referral link
  • Withdraw commissions and more…


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